Why has my Ola Money powered by Zip Cash account been suspended?

Your account has been suspended as per the terms mentioned under Clauses 17 (17.1 & 17.3) and 20.1 of the “Terms of Service” listed on the Website (www.zipcash.in). However, please note that any and/or all confirmed transactions that you may have placed till MM/DD/2018 will be duly considered valid and processed.

In light of the suspension your account, initiated as under Clause 17 and Clause 20, Ola Money powered by Zipcash reserves the right to suspend/cancel any ongoing transactions/services availed by you from the merchants facilitating Ola Money powered by Zipcash as a payment method. 

Kindly acknowledge that in case we observe a new account issued or transacted on your name or official details on the website or mobile app, we have the rights to constrain/block such registration, without any legal or financial liability towards Ola Money powered by Zipcash.

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